Evesham Regatta

The College’s first race is 08.33 – early start for Will Warham!, with the rest starting from 10 o’clock.
Racing ends for the morning division at 13.15, and everyone has another event starting from 13.45, and ends at 17.35 (or when we lose!)

Address for the club is:
Evesham Rowing Club, Abbey Road, Evesham, WR11 4ST
Event Website is : http://www.evesham-rowing-club.co.uk/regatta/
Streetmap.co.uk show the postcode on Abbey Road ( one for the parents!) access is a right turn (from the south) just over the bridge. I recommend approaching from the A4184 – we park on the grass between the clubhouse and the bridge to the west. The Truck/Minibuses go M40 and A46 – Sat Nav will send you the shorter route on the A44 up from Oxford, which will be find Sat early, and slow later if it’s sunny day. We use the southern ring road to avoid the town centre.
We have a Gazebo for the parents on the riverside – chairs are a bit thin on the ground so please bring some foldable seats if you have them.

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