Avon Regatta Report

The early birds of the 1st VIII and IV, were joined soon after by the J15’s – their first races being between 10.15 and 10.40.

Morning races

The four were first on, concerned that the fancied Monkton 1st IV had lost to the Monmouth stern IV, and they proved strong opposition in the IV’s race – our crew finishing the same distance behind Monmouth as Monkton – and we were racing the Monkton IV in the afternoon!

The 1st VIII duly dispatched the Monmouth 2nd VIII, but they faced the much stronger Monmouth 1st VIII in the afternoon.

The J15 VIII were last up in the morning, racing in J16 VIII’s as there were no J15 or Novice crews to race. Up against the Monkton J16 crew, they produced a strong race, beating their older rivals by 1 ½ lengths – the Monkton coaches face when he found out our crew were J15 was worth the drive alone!

Afternoon races

The 23 morning racers, were joined by 15 more J14’s for the afternoon’s events.

The J15 VIII broke down into small boats, first up was a Novice double that beat Monkton, and then discovered the other crews had scratched and that was the final! First onto the trailer! The Novice IV, who saw off Bradford-on-Avon in their heat, and then won the final against Clifton by a big margin. To round off a splendid day, the J15 2x beat the local club Avon County in their heat, and then despite an early threat from Wycliffe in the final, they ran out worthy winners.

The J14’s came in 3 quads. The A crew – warming up for the National Schools next week, had a close race, in their new combination, with the Bryanston crew, unfortunately one of our crew came off his seat, gifting the race to Bryanston, who went onto win the event. The C crew had their first race also in their news combination, but found the Monmouth B crew too strong. The B crew had the best day, with a clear win in their heat, beating the Bryanston B crew handsomely, before losing out to the Monmouth A crew in their final. A good day for all the crews.

The first VIII has a rousing race with Monmouth’s 1st VIII. We started well, grabbed a ½ length lead, but didn’t settle well enough, and were rowed down in a storming finish.

The highlight of the day was the IV’s race against the Monkton four that had beaten us twice on the way to winning twice at Evesham. They were stung by their loss to Monmouth too. Rowing with wonderful verve, Rupert’s crew produced a fabulous performance to snatch a well deserved ½ length win.

All the morning crews ended up as winners, with the J15’s doubling up with each of the VIII winning two events.

Nat Schools and next term



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