National Schools Arrangements 2011

National Schools Picnic Arrangements.

Dear Fellow Rowers Parents

                             For those of you wondering what the catering arrangements are at National Schools Regatta , I thought it might be helpful to let you know what we thought might work well this year.    It is a also very sociable event both for the rowers and for the parents and over the years we have trialled various picnic plans and experienced every kind of weather….last year was torrential rain with umbrellas held over the BBQ so let’s hope that weather is  out of the way for a few years.

                             This year, because we are entering more crews, we thought we would let each crew cater for their own team (i.e. Rowers, Coaches and Guests.)    The advantage to this is that the Coach can dictate when and what he would like his rowers to eat and all crews will remain with catering even if some sadly need to make an earlier departure?   This does not mean that we should lose the Team Pangbourne ethos and certainly we don’t want any ‘us and them’ Sausages on the BBQ and heaven forbid, neither will the coaches especially if they are desperate for a bacon butty when unfortunately, their crew has to stick to pasta!  Perhaps we will have to play swaps?! 

    Each crew will need a supply/variety of burgers, sausages,   lots of buns and rolls, chicken pieces,  plus quiche and salad for the Laaaadies and of course puddings and snacks  for the men and soft drinks for the students!   I will leave your actual menu selection for you to decide.  For the early birds, might I suggest, bacon rolls and Danish pastries also.  Needless to say, each crew member will need his/her own personal large container of pasta/fuel food.  There is also a gas burner for Tea and Coffee etc.    So your own mug might be a good idea along with all your usual picnic malarkey and chairs!   I will endeavour to remember extra paper cups, Tea and Coffee, milk and sugar, napkins, table cloths and bin liners.   

Here is the list of crews with ‘volunteer’ picnic co-ordinators and their team coach

Boys 1st VIII          Kate Hopkin           07721063980           (Mark Woodcock)                                        

Girls 1st IV            Sally Howard          07515534370           (Mark Skidmore)

Boys 1st IV            Deborah James     07799694422 (Rupert Bancroft)

J16 VIII                  Trish Hill                 07779591579              (James Bamforth)                                   

Girls J15                 Karen Webb                                            (Phil Tinsley)                                             

 J15 VIII              Janet Maxwell      01189410550             (David Rendle)

Please would you email, text or phone your crew’s parent volunteer with you preferred Picnic contributions

                                                   Many Thanks,

                                                           Sally H

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