PJS Update Thursday morning

The weather looks OK as of Thursday am – light north-easterly, 12C with some drizzle at worst. Ground on site is wet and soft – so wellies a good idea.Please take care parking – we recommend keeping tow vehicles on the harder ground, and reverse the trailers onto the grass. River flow is VERY low, so no worries there at all.

Boating: there are two long pontoons in the lagoon – longer than a 4x+, so that should allow quick boating for all boat types. Please ensure that the oars/sculls are to hand, and a helper to assist if possible. Our parents have volunteered to help too. Please boat on time!!On the river, the low flow allows the pontoon to be angled to the bank, allowing boating from both sides and access from the short end. This also should allow faster boating.

Road access. The is 24hr security at the MAIN entrance, as the normal exit or early/late entry route from Lower Basildon is closed for a bridge upgrade on the railway. All access is therefore by the main entrance, creating a two way flow along the narrow entry road – please take care.

Please call Phil Tinsley on 07885 333949 for late Friday pm
access to the trailer field – he’ll be at the Boathouse flat having a quiet
sherry as you do on a Friday night. Sat am the trailer filed will open c7am, so in good time.

Litter – would will be given a refuse sack on arrival. PLEASE
get the children and adults to use it. More are available if you fill more than
one. It is a wildlife park NOT a supermarket car park after all.

Many thanks for reading this.

See you all bright and early Saturday morning

Pangbourne Junior Sculls

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