The Schools Head – Tuesday 20th March

Additional information: The Boat Club will be based out of Furnival Sculling Club 19 Lower Mall Hammersmith London W6 9DJ for the day – refreshements will be available for our supporting parents, and the pupils will have a bag drop and crew meetings there.

There are 2 excellent pubs between the the two sites, offering lunch etc – The Rutland and Blue Anchor (see the old Minder titles and almost every Sweeney!)

The 2 College 1st VIII’s and the 2 J16 VIII’s are racing. The race starts at 2.15pm, and the boats are based at British Rowing’s boathouse – 6 Lower Mall, Hammersmith, W6 9DJ.

Start Order is here:

The Boys 1st VII starts 23rd, J16 1st VIII starts 93rd, J16 2nd VIII starts 121st, and the Girls 1st VIII starts 174th.

Viewing from the Bridge, or from the North bank embankment are recommended. Hammersmith Flyover is open to light traffic, reducing the congestion. Parking on the South bank on Londsdale Road or at the NCP car parks in Hammersmith are possible, or on the expensive meters near the north side of the Bridge. Map here:   Furnivall is where the arrow is pointing, and the GB Rowing is by the A of Mall.

See you all there!

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