Ghent Spring Regatta

The boys’ top Coxless IV, with George Pearce, Will Broom, Ben Maxwell and Lars Koenig at stroke, held off a strong challenge by a German IV to win Gold in the J18 Coxless IVs in a fast time at the Ghent Spring Regatta in Belguim in April.  In the Coxed IV, Lars, George, Will and Ben with cox Thea Swan also won Gold.  The boys’ VIII, rowed by Lionel Gulich, David Morgan, Mike Border, Jack Wood, George Pearce, Will Broom, Lars Koenig and coxed by Thea, took home a Silver Medal.

The girls’ top IV, with Laura Webb, Georgia Francis, Shannon Webb and Isabel Metcalfe at stroke, had excellent races in the International IV’s event on both Saturday and Sunday, only just losing out in 4th place on Sunday and giving the international crews a “run for their money”.

Shannon and Laura Webb

Shannon and Laura Webb

Shannon Webb and Laura Webb teamed up in the JW18 pairs to record two 3rd places and win a Bronze medal on the Sunday.  Georgia Francis and Isabel Metcalfe rowed well in both their pair and singles.

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