Pangbourne Rowers race for GB Team

6th Former Ben Maxwell finished 5th overall in the GB Small Boats Trials at Dorney Lake at the end of April.  Pairing with local Pangbourne resident and member of the Reading Rowing Club, Niko Ciecierski, Ben and he will be well placed for the final selection of the J18 GB team, which takes place in July.

Identical twins, Shannon and Laura Webb, who are also in the 6th Form at Pangbourne College, are among the top 20 female J18 rowers in the country.  In their GB trials, they came 9th place, missing the 8th position by just 0.20 of a second!  They wait to hear whether they will be invited to the GB final trials, also in July.

Their coach, Mr Tinsley, said ‘In any other year, Shannon and Laura would be certain of a place in the GB team, but this year it looks as if there will be only one pair for the World Championships, so the twins may miss out.  But here’s hoping…..

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