Wallingford Head

The College Boat Club rounded off a successful terms racing and training at Wallingford Head on Sunday the 8th December.

On a cool and blustery day, the boys entered an VIII in the morning race. In a very competitive field, the boys produced a gutsy row to finish 5th in Junior VIII’s out of 12. Alarmingly the 1st and 2nd crews were both from Eton, now coached by the genius that is Alex Henshilwood, the Pangbourne HRR winning coach of 2003.

The wonderfully successful boys quad from the Fours Head last weekend, doubled up in the afternoon division, showing their versatility racing as a four, and produced another gutsy row, finish second in the high level adult category of Senior coxless fours, only 13 seconds off winning, behind a talented Oxford Brookes crew.

The day was rounded of in dramatic fashion, with a win for the girls four in Junior coxed fours. After a storming start, they caught up with a St Pauls crew and once passed, they hooked a buoy around a tricky corner, causing Laura Webb to bang her head on the side of the boat, and then have Tegan Foister’s oar give her another whack for good measure. The crews slewed to a stop, allowing St Pauls to overtake. Despite Laura’s extreme pain, they clawed their way back into the race, agonisingly began to close up on  St Pauls again, but were never able to quite catch them but did enough to win a by a very narrow margin! They also beat the winning Eton Excelsior quad from the Fours Head last week, this week rowing as a four.  Well rowed Isabel Metcalfe, Shannon Webb, Laura Webb, Tegan Foister and cox Thea Swan.

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