Reading Small Boats Head Results

Rigging the boats in the morning rain didn’t dampen the spirits of our rowers and Pangbourne College Boat Club had our first wins of the season!

As the rowers boated for Division One, the rain had cleared and parents, supporters and coaches were lining the riverbank in readiness. The first division was a chance for the senior girls, (with three making their racing debut for the College!) to see how the newly formed quad faired. Also competing were two of the senior boys – Hector Butcher and Jack Wood racing their singles. Flying down the course first came the girls 4x, who had overtaken all the other crews in their IM3 category and went on to win their event by a whole minute! A fantastic start to the season! Well done to Nina Giambrone, Tegan Foister, Alexandra Dunn and Katie Giambrone. Then came the two boys in their single sculls, with Mr Wood coming 3rd and Mr Butcher 8th in Novice 1x.

Three boats for the College in Division 2; Luke and Felix in J18 pairs, Hector and Jack teaming up for a Novice double and Callum Temple in J17 single. Building from their performance from the week before, the boys pair won their event by a comfortable 24 seconds over Eton College. Keeping the trend, the double also put Eton into second place and won the Novice Doubles event. Then Mr Temple’s turn down the course, with an excellent steering line, came through to be the 10th fastest sculler in his category.

The Final Division had four boats with three of them already having raced the course. The boys pair of Luke and Felix made it two wins out of two and won the IM2 event in style. New to head racing was our J15 sculler, Felix Wahlberg, who raced out of his skin to come an amazing 3rd in a highly contested age category. Huge Well Done! Last to race for the College were twins, Katie and Nina Giambrone. Racing an age category up in WJ18 1x, this event saw our tightest of margins, less than three seconds separating the top three scullers! With a Reading RC sculler coming out on top, Nina was just one second behind and Katie in 3rd followed by a massive 24 seconds to the rest of the field.

Congratulations to all our rowers and a thank you to parents and friends who came to support and cheer them on! Also thank you to Phil for transporting and positioning the trailer and gazebo so perfectly, right next to landing stages and the boat club!



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