Bristol Avon Regatta Results

A very early start for the 3rd form boys & 4th form girls as they made their way to Saltford for Bristol Avon Regatta. Held over 1000m on a straight part of the river between Bath and Bristol, the Pangbourne crews raced well and came away with 2 wins.

First race of the day and first up for the college were two J14 octuples. Against three strong crews from Monmouth School, it was Pangbourne A who were victorious – winning the final by 5 lengths, and beating the same crew who had knocked out Pangbourne B in the earlier rounds.

Next up were our J15 girls, coached by St. George Housemistress Mrs Shindler. Racing against Millfield School’s 1st 8, the Pangbourne girls shot out of the blocks and were ahead when they hit a log and snapped the steering line, sending them into the bank. A very unfortunate result but the girls can take great confidence in knowing that they were competitive amongst girls 3 years their senior!

The J14 boys had now split into 4 coxed quads for the afternoons racing. Not alone, Monmouth School did the same, as well as Monkton Coombe joining in the mix. With some very tired boys from the morning racing, quads ‘Pearson’, ‘Bissett’ and ‘Shields’ lost out to crews from Monmouth School and Monkton Coombe School. However, ‘Bullen’ bucked the trend and beat crews from both schools before facing a very strong crew from Monkton Coombe and missing out on a victory.

The J15 girls had also split into smaller boats for afternoon division and raced up a year in two WJ16 coxed fours. Beating crews from Avon County and Millfield with comfortable margins resulted in a Pangbourne-Pangbourne final. It is always hard to race against your own but someone had to come out on top – a win for ‘Harper’ over ‘Temple.’ Well done to both crews, it just shows the depth of talent in this age group!

Finally, a big well done to the rowers and thank you to friends and family for coming and watching. Your support is always appreciated!

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