This is the Website for Pangbourne College Boat Club. It is to provide Pupils, Parents and OP’s with information about the Club. Please set this up as your default homepage for internet browser. This allows new users to find the website more easily via a search engine.

3 Responses to About

  1. Francis Davies 1954-60 says:

    I was fortunate to have been a member of the rowing club, as it then was, but in a very junior capacity, the year the “Nautical College, Pangbourne” 1st VIII won the Princess Elizabeth Cup at Henley in 1963 in what I believe is still the record-setting time for that event. I have a b&w picture taken by myself (very poor quality) from the Steward’s Enclosure as the VIII crossed the finish line, that I could forward for your archives if its of any interest. Let me know. Sincerely Francis Davies 1954-60

  2. Ed Haddon says:

    I am trying to reach Mark Woodcock to let him know that the Eton VIII he coached in 1991 is rowing over during the lunchbreak at Henley on Sunday. We will be boating at 1230pm if he is at Henley and would like to come and say hello!!
    Many thanks
    Ed Haddon
    pS good luck this week

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