Pangbourne Junior Sculls

Pangbourne Junior Sculls is on Saturday 11th November 2017

Results are now available:

PJS 2017 Division 1

PJS 2017 Division 2


PJS 2017 BOATING INSTRUCTIONS (added 7/11/17)

PJS 2017 CREW INSTRUCTIONS (added 7/11/17)

PJS 2017 – Draw: Division 1 & 2 (6/11/17)

PJS Course Map 2017

Pangbourne Junior Sculls Documents:

Pangbourne Junior Sculls 2017 – Competition Safety Plan

Pangbourne Junior Sculls 2017 – Risk Assessment

Pangbourne Junior Sculls 2017 – Welfare Statement and Plan

(added 02/11/17)

PJS Entries Poster 2017

Would all clubs please read this important information from the Environment Agency and act accordingly. Stop the spread of invasive species (2/11/17)


PJS 2016 results:

PJS Division 1

PJS Division 2

PJS 2015 results:

PJS 2015 Div 1 results by event
PJs 2015 Div2 results by event

Our official photographer for PJS 2015 is Ben Rodford Photography. Photos from both divisions can be found here.

PJS 2014 results:


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