Pangbourne Junior Sculls

Pangbourne Junior Sculls is on Saturday 11th November 2017

PJS Entries Poster 2017

Entries close Thursday 2nd November at 9pm, we normally are full before this so enter early to avoid disappointment!


PJS Boating Instructions 2016 (added 9/11/16)

PJS Competitor Instructions 2016 (added 9/11/16)

Would all clubs please read this important information from the Environment Agency and act accordingly. Stop the spread of invasive species (6/10/16)

PJS Course Map 2016

Pangbourne Junior Sculls Documents:

Pangbourne Junior Sculls 2016 – Competition Safety Plan

Pangbourne Junior Sculls 2016 – Risk Assessment

Pangbourne Junior Sculls 2016 – Welfare Statement and Plan

(added 13/10/16)

PJS 2016 results:

PJS Division 1

PJS Division 2

PJS 2015 results:

PJS 2015 Div 1 results by event
PJs 2015 Div2 results by event

Our official photographer for PJS 2015 is Ben Rodford Photography. Photos from both divisions can be found here.

PJS 2014 results:


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