Rowing Competitions



During the Winter, competitions are called ‘Head Races’ – these are time trials – similar to a running “Cross country” race. . All crews racing will be given a start number and will be set off over the course in a processional manner. Their time will be taken as they cross the start line and when they cross the finish line. From this, their time taken to cover the course will be calculated and an order of the crews will be published, with the quickest crews over the course winning the event. This type of racing is normally over fairly long distances, and it is important the crews race hard over the whole course and pace themselves well to get the best time possible.

In the Summer term – the competitions change to ‘Regattas’. These are side by side races with other crews over shorter distances, the winning crews go through to the next round and the losing crews get knocked out of the competition. Regattas can vary from two lane racing up to six lane racing.

Regattas tend to start early in the morning. It is important that if your child is a day pupil, that  they meet at the correct time. If they are late the coach/minibus cannot wait, as this may mean other boats missing their race.

Once your child has raced, please allow the coach time to address the crew before you approach your child. If they have finished racing, your child will be still be required to de-rig their boat and load the equipment onto the boat trailer. Please allow your child to do this with the other members of their team without your help. It is important that they learn self reliance and teamwork. Once their equipment is loaded and the rowing coach has debriefed the crew, your child can either stay to watch any other crews racing, or if you would like to take them home, please notify their coach that they are going with you, so we can keep track of every one.

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